Kung Fu Training

As a member of YMAA Gorey you will find yourself emerged in the world of Chinese boxing. A fighting system and art form that can be traced back as far as the Shaolin temple and beyond.

 The art form is being constantly developed through our european schools and world famous YMAA organisation & its retreat center.

 Chinese boxing, which is more commonly referred to as Kung Fu, can be clearly categorized into four groups:

Punching, Kicking, Wrestling & Chin Na

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YMAA Gorey has structured its classes by splitting students into beginners & advanced. Click the links below for more details on the individual groups:

Beginners & Advanced


 Both groups begin in the same way: a set of moving Qi Gong exercises that open the joints and stretches the muscles. This not only helps prevents injures by preparing the body for training it also removes energy stagnation to aid longevity.

Both groups also promote physical fitness & body conditioning by attending the calisthenics class. However, advance students are expected to achieve a higher level than the beginner group.

This progressive exercise and conditioning programme allows us to gain speed and power for use in our martial techniques. Without this our fighting styles would not work in real life situations, the more advance aspects of training would leave us prone to injury and lasting a three minutes round with your sparring partner would be out of the question.

Outside of class we encourage students to take part in monthly seminars & mountain trail runs

Trail running offers the following benefits:


  • helps develop power and muscle elasticity
  • improves stride frequency and length
  • develops co-ordination, encouraging the proper use of arm action during the driving phase and feet inthe support phase
  • develops control and stabilisation as well as improved speed (downhill running)
  • promotes strength endurance
  • develops maximum speed and strength (short hills)
  • improves lactate tolerance (mixed hills)