Advanced Classes

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Within the advanced group fifty percent of your time is still taken up with fundamental training. The other half is spent working on martial techniques and learning how to apply these techniques in real situations.

Advance physical

Furthermore, your requirements for physical fitness and body conditioning are set to a much higher level. This is to prepare the body for the more advanced techniques. If, at this level, your lacking these essential component you will find great difficulty in applying what you learn.

 You will also be encouraged to set goals and achievements for the advancement of your Kung Fu skills. Teachers and experienced students will be at your disposal to help you with this; giving advice and guidance through out the learning process.

A number of times a year you will be invited to seminars and european camps to further advance your skills by training and learning from Master Yang and/or his disciples. These are great opportunities to also test your progress by grading in front of these high ranking YMAA members.