Calisthenics Training

”No person has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a person to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which the body is capable.”


Unlike the modern gym with its expensive cardiovascular machines & weight work through free weights or resistance machines, the art of body weight exercise works the body through the use of gravity. Accessible everywhere & absolutely FREE!

FB_IMG_1467544400737Nowadays, the majority of gym members fall into one of two categories: those that want what they call ‘toning’, working machines at their lowest settings or picking up the smallest dumbbells & completing millions of reps.  The final results doing nothing for your health, fitness or conditioning levels.


Then there’s the camp that want to build huge muscles with heavy bench presses & plenty of bicep curls. Never mind that these exercises ruin the joints & do little for genuine functional strength; ask one of these guys to pull themselves smoothly over a 10ft wall & then leap effortlessly to the other side.

The art of calisthenics evolved from man’s first attempt at displaying their power by lifting, bending, jumping & pressing the body away from the surface of the earth using the strength of the limbs.

Body Weight Training

This functional strength training not only develops your body the way nature intended. If you follow the correct steps you can build superior strength & explosive power, allowing you to perform physicalf feats only attained by the very few.


This is our promise to you at the Warrior Gym. Along with our guarantee of helpful, knowledgeable guidance & positive, genuine encouragement. You only need to invest your time & energy to achieve optimal health, superior strength & explosive power.

No Excuses; Just Train!