YMAA White Crane Fighting Style

The White Crane fighting style is a short range fighting style. The practitioner sticks to his opponents upper limbs, restricting their ability to strike; always looking for an openings to unleash their deadly fists! Our Master Yang started his Kung fu training at the age of fifteen under the Shaolin White Crane Master Cheng Gin-Gsao Read more about YMAA White Crane Fighting Style[…]

YMAA Long Fist Fighting Style

Long Fist is a medium to Long range fighting style where the practitioner keeps his opponent at a distance to allow him to unleashes his specialty: an array of deadly kicks! With in the YMAA programme our Long Fist fighting style finds its roots in the Nanking Central Kou Su Institute founded in 1928. Master Yang received his own Read more about YMAA Long Fist Fighting Style[…]

What is at the core of the kids programme?

Every week here at the Kids Kung Fu classes we open our doors to the ever growing number of excited children. Unlike the adults they bound into class with what seems like endless energy and enthusiasm; you could become tired just watching them. They line up to bow to the teachers and training begins. Now Read more about What is at the core of the kids programme?[…]