Chin Na

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In addition to grabbing techniques implied by the name, the art of Chin Na also includes techniques that utilize pressing and striking. Generally speaking, grabbing Chin Na is more fundamental, while pressing and striking techniques are more advanced. Grabbing Chin Na techniques control and lock the opponent’s joints or muscles/tendons so he cannot move, thus neutralizing his fighting ability. Pressing Chin Na techniques are used to numb the opponent’s limbs, to cause him to lose consciousness or even to kill him. Pressing Chin Na is usually applied to the Qi cavities to affect the Qi circulation to the organs or the brain. Pressing techniques are also frequently used on nerve endings to cause extreme pain and unconsciousness. Chin Na striking techniques are applied to vital points, and can be very deadly. Cavities on the Qi channels can be attacked, or certain vital areas struck to rupture arteries. All of these techniques serve to ‘seize and control’ the opponent.



The fundamental techniques can be learnt by any martial artist or even by someone without any martial arts experience. These fundamental techniques can easily be adapted and incorporated into any martial style such as Judo, Wrestling, Karate or Tae Kwon Do to increase the range of responses. Once a person has mastered all these fundamental techniques, he can continue to study advanced Chin Na, which is so deep that it takes more than 20 years to learn, practice, and master. It is knowledge without end or limit. When Chin Na reaches an advanced level, the application of Qi and Jin becomes very difficult to understand. Without oral instruction from a qualified master, it is almost impossible to learn or master. When you have reached this level, you have reached the level which is beyond what a book can describe. It is learnt from sensing, feeling and inspiration.