End of Term Newsletter June’15


YMMA Gorey

We’re coming to the end of our longest term and soon start into the summer break!

With the junior programme finishing up and not starting back until September we have decided to use their class slots to host our 8 week summer courses. Meaning senior members can now train extra long sessions both Tuesdays & Thursdays in preparation for the October seminar/grading. (Any parents interested in their child attending these courses from 6:30-7:30 should talk with me in class)

The big change this term has been our relocation to the Gorey Business Park. I’m hoping this suits everybody as we plan to stay here up until the September term. Come September we are going to need to decide where we want to be based up until the end of the year. If member numbers increase significantly, which I’m very hopeful they will, we could be looking at finally moving to a permanent home!

Parents may have noticed some of the senior members helping out with the junior classes? This is something much needed as the classes grow not only in numbers but in varying skill levels. I ask you to please bear with us while they familiarize themselves with the junior programme and work on improving their teaching skills.

Along with the help of these senior members and the introduction of the tutorial videos there is no longer any excuses for junior members not to progress through their stripes!

Visible changes within the upcoming September term will be the planned introduction of optional light sparring for both experienced juniors and senior members. This will teach the students to apply their fighting techniques in a more realistic situation. Opening a door through which YMAA Gorey can attend and compete in the numerous fighting events around Ireland.

Please don’t forget we have our Film Club night the 03rd of July. Which is absolutely free to all term paying members. Just please take the time to book your place through our website so I can order enough popcorn and soft drinks for everyone 

Senior members should now be rebooking their places for the Aug-July term as well as the summer courses.

Junior members can also now rebook for their upcoming September term. These places will go on general release very soon and should fill up very quickly.

Finally: whether you’re choosing to train with us over the next two months or take a well deserved break. Let’s hope the sun makes regular visits so we can all get outside, keeping fit & healthy!


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