Kid’s Newsletter – Where we are & Where we are heading…. Jan-Mar’15


YMMA Gorey

Where we are & Where we are heading

It’s been three years since our kung fu school was first established here in Gorey. Within this time we have learnt so many things, gained a better insight into where we are heading & thankfully continued to expand our numbers. Much appreciation for this must go out to the adult education courses. For without the opportunity they presented to us three years ago, along with their continued support & patience, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Last year saw the arrival of our high quality training mats which have greatly affected the quality of our training. On a negative note: this purchase seriously depleted our clubs savings.  However, through the growing numbers of students, as well as the support of existing members buying our new club t-shirts, we should very quickly rebuild our resources to purchase much needed equipment like kick shield & punch pads; taking our training to the next level. So far all profits made have been ploughed back into developing the club. We pledge to continue this until everything is in place for us to be recognised as one of the best martial arts clubs in Ireland!

 The current term has been one of our shortest but the next term brings us one of the longest. This new term will see us right through to the summer holidays, where we break for two months. This long run up to the holidays brings great opportunities for students to complete their current stripe, particularly those training twice a week. To aid this progression we will also be releasing our much awaited kids kung fu tutorial videos. This will allow parents and children to work together on upcoming gradings outside of class.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the parents and families of our kung fu kids for their continued support. Every week your children spend in class not only increases the current knowledge & skills within the club it also lays down a foundation for this next generation of kung fu practitioners & teachers. With the schools overriding goal to encourage them to improve on what has gone before & further evolve this fascinatingly deep & rewarding art form.

YMAA Gorey Director: Jonathan Luff



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