Kid’s Kung Fu

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 If you are viewing this website you’re possibly looking for an alternative, physical activity for your child, or children, that differs from the other mainstream activities out there. Here at ‘YMAA Gorey’ we offer traditional kung fu training for children aged 4 to 12 years
Every week we open our doors to the ever growing number of excited Kung Fu Kids. Unlike the adults they bound into class with what seems like endless energy and enthusiasm; you could become tired just watching them. They line up to bow to the teachers and training begins. Now the question you may ask is ”What’s the training all about?” Sure we train physical fitness and martial technique but what lies at the core of the kids programme?

 Well we like to compare every child that joins us to a seed and as we know each seed contains limitless potential. With this in mind we dare not water down the teachings we present as it would be similar to restricting the quality of sunlight and moisture the seed requires for healthy growth. Some may say the concepts and fundamentals we teach are too much for some children to grasp. However, here at YMAA we refuse to dull the edges of these most important tools, taking time to work with every child irrespective of their ability. My own three children are growing at a steady pace and I hope like myself you wish to bring out the very best in them all. After all its not long before they become the dreaded teenager’s and we lose this opportunity to greatly influence their development. So while we are here lets encourage them to push their roots as deep as possible and build a good foundation for healthy, strong growth; allowing them to become the tall, towering trees we know they can become

Martial Styles

The martial styles we train here at YMAA Gorey are Long Fist & White Crane:

Long Fist finds its origins in Northern China where the practitioner takes advantage of the large open terrain by keeping his opponent at a long distance.  Here he unleashes his specialty: an array of deadly kicks.

White Crane finds its origins in Southern China where the inhabitants are mainly located in towns & cities and find themselves on boats in the many lakes & rivers. So unlike in the north the white crane practitioner is limited for space. For this reason he is forced to keep his opponent at a short distance were he specializes in using his fists.

Martial Morality

To help the student grasp what is expected of them they are given clear guide lines in the form of martial morality.


 The details show what it means to be an excellent individual inside & outside the classroom: original teachers would have tested their students for up to three years to see if they possessed martial morality; keeping their fighting knowledge secret until they thought the student worthy. We are not as strict today but it is not unheard of for students to be turned away.


As they develop we will test the students to see how they have understood the concepts & ideas we have introduced. It is essential to set these goals & achievements for the young students to keep them engaged and allow them to progress in the art. You as parents are encouraged to take part in your child’s progression via the open communication we maintain at the school. This communication, be it through our tutorial videos or verbally from one of the teachers, opens your eyes to what’s going on in class and allows you to be part of your child’s journey.

Mission Statement

The mission statement illustrates our vision for the school and gives a clear insight into our dedication to the student’s development & well being:

 ‘With constant research, experience & understanding the Gorey Kung Fu school aims to bring about the development & well being of its members through its teaching & leadership. The school strives for excellence through the investment of energy (Kung) & time (Fu) which in turn promotes confidence & self improvement; also by embodying martial morality the students are encouraged to reach for excellence beyond the class room and into all aspects of their lives.’


 Of course this is not a one way street and the students will only reach their goals by listening, understanding & developing through their own investment of energy (Kung) & time (Fu.)

 Looking forward to seeing you in class.

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