Newsletter – A Look Back Over the Term – Mar-Jun’14

So far we have had a very eventful term that has presented lots of encouraging changes and opportunities: first of all I’d like to celebrate the growing numbers of kung fu kids and parents with out whom we would have never been able to cover our growing costs and begin to break even as an emerging club. Much effort will be made over the summer break to keep this momentum going so we all return to full kids classes in September (Please refer to our online calendar for class timetable.)

Now that we have mentioned it, lets talk about our online store: its original purpose was to sell training aids, weapons, uniforms etc. Creating another income stream, outside of membership fees, to better secure our position as a viable business. This will be achieved through the introduction of many more quality products over the next six months that will help build our reputation within the Irish martial arts world. However, we have also decided to use the store for the rebooking of term membership. Giving members the option to pay via credit card, bank transfer or cheque. Removing the messiness of handling cash at the start of every class. Check it out on our website!

After our successful kung fu presentation to the Gorey Community School transition year students, we have put together a good group of teenagers all training hard to be the next generation of kung fu teachers. Their presence also means we have bridged the gap between the kids and adults programme. Allowing children from the age of seven to now progress with their training right through to old age. Show your support by checking out the teens experiences through the blogs they post to our website.

Im happy to announce that due to our growing size we have now been officially welcomed into the YMAA International family by becoming a recognised Irish YMAA club. This brings great rewards by reducing the cost of attending the many seminars and summer camps held in Ireland, UK and europe. Also all Gorey members working on the YMAA syllabus can officially grade at all events, with their rank being recognised world wide. On a less positive note the additional costs associated with these changes to the club have forced us to increase the cost of attending adult classes from 6 to 8 euros. However, additional savings can still be made by paying for each term through the online store.

I’d like to remind the kids & parents about the approaching gradings that take place on the last class of your current term. This class will begin earlier than usual at the time of six o’clock. This is so every child gets allotted enough time to complete the lengthy process of grading. We ask for silence during the grading so please tell the children to show respect to their other class mates when not participating in certain sections of the grading.

Lastly I’d like to thank everyone that has joined me on this journey so far; I’ve promised much development and progression and I hope that you have all witnessed this. Let me reassure you that this is only the start of what can be taught. Over the next six months we are going to intensify the training by introducing weekend seminars where we can focus for many hours on specific subjects. This will see the skill level at YMAA Gorey grow to an excellent level and bring us much closer to our goals.

No excuses, just train!

See you all in class. Jonathan Luff (YMAA Gorey Director)



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