What is at the core of the kids programme?


Every week here at the Kids Kung Fu classes we open our doors to the ever growing number of excited children. Unlike the adults they bound into class with what seems like endless energy and enthusiasm; you could become tired just watching them. They line up to bow to the teachers and training begins. Now the question you may ask is ”What’s the training all about?” Sure we train physical fitness and martial technique but what lies at the core of the kids programme?  Well we like to compare every child that joins us to a seed and as we know each seed contains limitless potential. With this in mind we dare not water down the teachings we present as it would be similar to restricting the quality of sunlight and moisture the seed requires for healthy growth. Some may say the concepts and fundamentals we teach are too much for some children to grasp. However, here at YMAA we refuse to dull the edges of these most important tools, taking time to work with every child irrespective of their ability. My own three children are growing at a steady pace and I hope like myself you wish to bring out the very best in them all. After all its not long before they become the dreaded teenager’s and we lose this opportunity to greatly influence their development. So while we are here lets encourage them to push their roots as deep as possible and build a good foundation for healthy, strong growth. Allowing them to become the tall, towering trees we know they can become