When we were young

250px-SupermanWhen we were young we became heroes: dressing up as our favourite protector of the peace and squashing the injustice of the evil doer. Whether we became superman or batman it was through our innocence and pure heartedness that we cared not for what others thought, believing only in the idea that we could also achieve the heroes’ greatness.
However, life and society have a terrible way of conditioning us to settle into the predetermined comfort zone far from the hero’s cape. We live in fear of what our peers may think of us and we continually look for approval from others no matter who they are or what they believe in. We worry about how many friends we have on facebook and what we need to do to maximize the ‘likes’ we receive. I’m not interested in the middle ground, I’m not looking to get the most ‘likes’ or say the right things to please the majority. I’ve chosen to pick up and run with this idea of greatness that we left behind all those many years ago.
There will be many who will join for the short term; finally giving up because their bodies will tire, they will dislike what is being asked of them or they will refuse the changes the art form brings. My interest is not with them my energy and time is dedicated to those whom are truly devoted, those who never really took off the cape.
You will become faster, stronger and gain practical fighting technique. You will learn why you are not breathing properly, make improvements to your posture before it is too late and connect with the ground so you can move your body correctly. Conditioning will occur externally as well as internally. Your wisdom mind will gain the upper hand on your emotional mind. You will tap into the internal elixir, build its power and gain longevity. All of these are great things and we all have the potential for greatness, its up to you how far you want to take it?